A Few Words About Us
NEWFORM is a company that has been around for 30 plus years, specializing in custom built furniture, and interior fit outs, and has also diversified into the area of providing recording studio and edit suite facilities, along with acoustic treatments for the ultimate listening environment. Our experience over the last 20 years, as active musicians, as well as providing sound quality solutions, have given us a wide range of experience in this field, and we are able to design and build totally new from the ground up, or modify an existing facility.
Customizable Acoustic Design
If you are experiencing poor sound qualities, emanating from your speakers, usually caused by poor room proportions and reflective surface structures, such as hard floors, walls, or large vertical glass surfaces, we can help. We are able to assist you, to maximize your listening environment. We have been providing professional and technical solutions, across a variety of situations, from professional recording music studios, to interiors for the home studio, producer, or songwriter.
Studio for Commercial & Domestic
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Recent Studio Projects